Financial Reporter Compliance Suite

Prognosys Solutions operates in the niche market of Financial, Regulatory, Risk and Compliance Reporting. The main outcome of our efforts during the years of our operation is the Financial Reporter Regulatory Compliance Suite (FRCS). Now at its fourth major release, and with numerous improvements in functionality over the previous versions, FRCS is a complete and integrated solution which aids Monetary Financial Institutions to automate Regulatory Financial Reports.

The FRCS caters for the majority of the processing, calculation, reporting and validation requirements by Local, European (e.g. ECB, EBA, SSM) and International (e.g. IRS, OECD) Regulators. It is a powerful solution and flexible enough to accommodate the constantly changing requirements.

The versatility and flexibilty of FRCS stems from its carefully designed Data Model.

Within FRCS there is a Core set of features provided by the application system like:
  • User Access Control;
  • Versioning;
  • Data Mapping & Adjustments

XBRL Reporting, Conversion and Validation for all Returns under the latest EBA Reporting Framework & ESEF.

Statistical Series

Supervision Series

FINancial REPorting Series

Capital Adequacy Series

Registers Series

AML Series

Each Report (Return / Output) is developed as a standalone module within the FRCS application suite and on top of the FRCS Data Model.

Modules (Returns):Sharing similar data and/or a "theme" are grouped together in Series. The major Series within FRCS are:
  1. Statistical Series
    • Monthly Balance Sheet Return (MBSR)
    • Monthly Interest Rate Statistics Return (MIR)
    • Monthly Flows Statistical Data Return (FSR)
    • Monthly Statement of the Reserve Base (MRB)
    • SECuritizations and Other Loan Transfers Return (SEC)
    • Statistical Variance Tools (SVT)
    • Financial Access Survey (FAS)
    • Payment Statistics (PAY STS)
  2. Supervision Series
    • End of Day Returns (Liquidity Position, Balances)
    • Weekly Return of Deposits and Lending (WDL)
    • New / Additional Credit Facilities approved during the Month (NACF)
    • MACROprudential Analysis Return
    • IMF Financial Soundness Indicators
    • Pillar II Specfic Own Fund Requirements for High Deposit Rates (HDRR)
    • Funding and Capital Plans Report (FCP)
    • Quarterly KPIs on Debt Restructuring Activities (DRRA)
    • Loan Arrears Matrix (LNMATRIX)
    • Interest Income Recognition Return
  3. FINancial REPorting Series
    • FINancial REPorting (FINREP) Framework under IFRS & CRD IV
    • Monthly Reporting of Non-Performing and Forborne Facilities (Tables 18/19 of FINREP)
    • Asset Encumbrance Return
    • NPE Stocktake Return
    • Quarterly Return of Selected Profit and Loss Data (QPLSD)
    • EBA Validations (FINREP Series)
    • Disclosure of Non Performing and Forbone Exposures
  4. Capital Adequacy Series
    • COmmon REPorting Framework (COREP) - All Templates
    • Leverage Ratio (LR)
    • Large Exposures Return (LE)
    • Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR)
    • Net Stable Funding Ration (NSFR)
    • Additional Liquidity Monitoring Metrics (ALMM)
    • EBA Validations (COREP Series)
  5. Registers Series
    • Central Credit Register Reporting (CCR)
    • Deposit Guarnatee Scheme Returns (DGS)
    • Analytical Credit Datasets (AnaCredit)
    • MIFIR Transaction Reporting (TREMM)
    • Central Securities Depository Reporting (CSDR)
  6. Taxation Series
    • FATCA Reporting (FATCA)
    • CRS Reporting (CRS)
    • Disclosure of cross-border arrangements (DAC6)
    • Central Electronic System of Payment Information (CESOP)
  7. AML Series
    • Anti-Money Laundering Return (AML - UBO)
    • Large Cash Transactions and Funds Transfers (LCTFT)
    • Semi-Annual Anti-Money Laundering Return (AML - RBA)
    • GoAML (SAR & STR) Reporting (GoAML)
    • Bank Accounts Register (BAR)

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